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YOLO Wedding Station


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About Yolo:

Yolo is a film studio with a vintage style in District 7 area, Ho Chi Minh City with a lot of art scene that is suitable for wedding photography, MV, advertising video… The music video was filmed at Huong Dem Bay Xa – Hariwon, Nescafé TVC – Dong Nhi, Tu Tin La Con Gai – Khanh Thi…


Building, directing and developing fanpage YOLO Wedding station.
Create a main online channel to promote, introduce YOLO as well as contribute to promote the promotion.


Thanks to the analysis of the Yolo fanpage, JD Asia directed YOLO’s fanpage focus on wedding photography.
Content has two main points: emotional content (using images taken at the YOLO studio to illustrate) and wedding content. With eye-catching design and diverse forms create the freshness for YOLO.

In addition, the fanpage becomes more vibrant with appealing images and compelling content.


Completely excellent KPI on like, reach and engagement of post.
All promotions get over the commitment of KPI.