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About Thien Thu:

Thien Thu is website of the new 2D role-playing game published by VNG Corporation, started Alpha Test on 17/09/2015. With brand awareness objective, spreading the message and attracting “target end users” to interact with the “communication stories” of Thien Thu, the problem posed to PR is: How can surround target audiences, create reach (n+) and multi-dimensional interaction with the user rather than simply push one-way information as traditional implementations?


From analysical the insight of “target end users” of the Thien Thu game, JD Asia found this “client group” is frequently visited, interacted and strongly influenced by the information on Facebook. Therefore, JD Asia has solution: Besides PR on traditional news / game news, VNG needs to create more layers of information in the game, with the material from Hai Bang and the PR articles on the site of entertainment, youth, game which is high traffic pages and has social platforms. Each PR article will be shared on the corresponding fanpage, using the “influence” of the Hot Brandname Fanpage to stimulate interaction, stimulate the spread from the user.


(The project is still ongoing, so we can not extract and report overall figures. JD Asia only evidenced by the results of a PR article in the series is underway)

PR Article:

  • View: 14,399 (2 days after publish post)

Hot Fanpage Blog Tam Su (Combined with the PR article on the respective news page)

  • People Reached: 111,635
  • Interactions: 3,764
  • Viral (Interactions on shares): 143