Marketing Campaign


About Talaha:

TALAHA is a brand that specializes in high-end women’s high heels. Sales of high and stable is the main source ecommerce. Although sales are good, TALAHA has not built a brand and created a trademark, because the target customer approach is pure SALE. The problem posed for JD Asia are: Branding TALAHA in the minds of customers and initially build brand love.

Creative Idea:

With the 20+ girls in this age, beauty comes from “inner” and not from physical standards. It is important to bring out the beauty of the inside, and it is the confidence and pride that will help the girls to stand out, beautiful and radiant regardless of how she looks. And daughter, who also wanted to be nice – be recognized as beautiful. So, if there is a “who” usually tells the girl how to be “really beautiful” and tells her that “she is beautiful, because she is always proud” she will have “sympathy” with her.

From that insight, JD Asia proposed the idea of sticking the keyword “proud” with the high heels of TALAHA to build the brand image TALAHA and the model of shoes TALAHA in the minds of customers. Become a regular “talk” with the girls that “My girl, be proud on a pair of stiletto shoes TALAHA, because when she confidently boasted, she is the most beautiful.” The highlight of this campaign is the GOT CAO KIEU HANH collection!



The campaign will be held on 3 months: September, October and November, 2015 with the highlight is the launch event and open sale GOT CAO KIEU HANH collẽtion before the Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10.
Accordingly, the deployment channel and turn the chain operation is performed to support the event highlights above.

Facebook Fanpage

Identified as an access channel, “contact”, transmission of information, messages and also the main sales channel of TALAHA. The TALAHA Fanpage aims to convey the message as it is directed and maximizes interaction with target customers to stay connected with them (according to Facebook rules) to support marketing cost on the fanpage.

Therefore, JD Asia has built content oriented “value sharing” with users. The key value is EMOTIONAL STORYLINE: stories that touch the insight of the target audience – giving them a way to be truly beautiful (Be proud on TALAHA’s high heels) and add the motivation to live optimistic, love their life: recognize them beautiful; more value here is also tangible opportunities: TALAHA’s award-winning mini games.

Post about the pride of the girls.

Minigame Post

In addition, the content also refers to the quality of service, products of TALAHA, the mini games (no prizes) to attract interaction and increase the awareness of the product line of TALAHA.

Post promots the TALAHA shoes

App & Contest: Got cao kieu hanh cua Nang!

Designed to create BUZZ and viral for the launch of the Got Cao Kieu Hanh collection. Officially started on 5/10/2015.


  • Seeding Forums
    Support promoting and spread to the launch GOT CAO KIEU HANH collection
  • PR Online
    Support promoting to the launching event GOT CAO KIEU HANH collection
  • Hot Fanpage
    Support promoting to the launching event GOT CAO KIEU HANH collection