Tet 2018 Campaign – King Coffee




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About King Coffee:

King Coffee is a coffee brand of TNI (Trung Nguyen International). In 2016, with constant innovation, King Coffee conquered the Top Market of the world such as: The United States, China, Korea, Singapore, Russia and conquered more than 60 countries around the world, became Vietnam’s top coffee brand of global scale. In the end of 2017, King Coffee came back to Vietnam, launched in 5 key cities and it was loved by million Vietnamese.


  • Continue to build brand awareness and mark a turning point of King Coffee in Vietnam.
  • Launching 3 King Coffee gift set on Tet Holiday and supporting sale activities.
  • Boost post to collect impressions and engagements from target audience, then creating content to inspire them 3 King Coffee Gift Sets.


JD Asia deployed contents according to the event nodes that users care about is Christmas and Lunar New Year. Early December, the content on the Fanpage focused introduces the 3 gift boxes of King Coffee and promotion program (give a filter and King Coffee glass when purchasing products. We has produced a video overview 3 gift boxes and reminded user by post on Album format, which helped user get more clearly information of the gifts. In parallel it is the lifestyle content sent Christmas greetings to users, encouraging them to spend more time for their family. All these things increased the brand love index.

From the end of December to the beginning of January, the peak period for Tet sales, JD Asia aims to promote on Fanpage. The monthly content is set the appropriate ratio between the content of the product, lifestyle, Tet greeting and promotion. The visual design is used unified Key visual Tet occasion, has helped associate the brand, just caught up with the trend of Tet. We constantly update the content until after the Lunar New Year to maintain the connection between the brand and the user.

King Coffee – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018

THỬ THÁCH NĂM MỚI DÀNH RIÊNG CHO NHỮNG AI YÊU CÀ PHÊ?➡️ Click ngay video để khám phá 3 gợi ý tuyệt vời thay cho lời chúc năm mới 2018 từ King Coffee và COMMENT những lời chúc tết từ cà phê của bạn gửi đến mọi người nhé!

Người đăng: King Coffee vào Thứ Hai, 1 Tháng 1, 2018

Besides the activities during Tet holiday, JD Asia updated content for promote discount 50% promotion on the occasion of opening of King Express. Gift Voucher for online minigame has organized to attract customers to visit King Express.


  • After 3 months, the campaign reached 1.155.000 impressions, reaching nearly 500.000 people, more than 33.000 engagements. Exceeds 200% KPI expected.

  • King Coffee fanpage’s interaction increased after campaign: Get over 700,000 impressions and 30,000 engagements.

  • TNI Corporation fanpage get over 450,000 impressions and 5,000 engagements.