King Coffee – Thuy Nga Paris By Night 126 Campaign




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About King Coffee:

King Coffee is a coffee brand of TNI (Trung Nguyen International). In 2016, with constant innovation, King Coffee conquered the Top Market of the world such as: The United States, China, Korea, Singapore, Russia and conquered more than 60 countries around the world, became Vietnam’s top coffee brand of global scale. In the end of 2017, King Coffee came back to Vietnam, launched in 5 key cities and it was loved by million Vietnamese. King Coffee is aiming to conquer overseas compatriots around the world, and the journey begins in the US with the Thuy Nga – Paris By Night 126 event.


  • Increase the King Coffee awareness, targeted to Vietnamese who is living in the United States.
  • Build brand lovers and increase the Vietnamese brand advocates through the “Que Huong Trong Toi cung King Coffee” contest.
  • Increase awareness of Thuy Nga Paris By Night 126 event, in which King Coffee is the diamond sponsor.
  • Support lookig for new distributors and sales activities in the US.

Key Message: World of Coffee – Coffee of the World.


Besides the content maintaining interaction with the user, JD Asia has created content to support the presence of King Coffee in countries around the world and update the news activities of King Coffee at events such as: Show Vietnam 2018, Sial China 2018 at Shanghai, Vietnam Festival 2018 at Japan, etc.

In late May, JD Asia updated the opening of King Coffee USA and teaser role of King Coffee at the Thuy Nga Paris by Night event 126. To attract more than 6,000 overseas Vietnamese at the event, JD Asia hosted the Online Contest with a prize of up to $5000 in cash. Content in this phrase is written to ensure that bilingual Vietnamese and Americans know the activities of King Coffee.

The contest is shared on two major groups: Vietnam is Awesome, Vietnam In Seattle and more than 10 other Facebook groups to attract a large audience.

The contest is shared by Admin “Vietnam Is Awesome”  Fanpage

The contest is shared by Admin “Vietnamese in Seattle” Fanpage

The contest was shared more than 10 large group


  • The campaign has increased the Fanpage’s overall index, which: impression increased by 65%, 125% engagement và 148% like page. This shows that the Fanpage content is useful to the user.
  • The campaign attracted 380,000 impressions, reached 130,000 Vietnamese in the US and collected 11,000 clicks.

  • JD Asia has optimized advertising and distribution to the right target audience: customers aged 18-60, Vietnamese in the US, love coffee.
  • “Que Huong Trong Toi cung King Coffee” contest reached 123.000 people and attracted 120 participants.