Hifi World




Content Creation, Facebook Ads, Performance Optimization


About Hifi World:

Hifi World is the official distributor of audiovisual products such as Audionet, Dynaudio, Nordost, Rotel, T + A, Thrax…Not only introduce quality audio equipments but always try to creating a space music with fully enjoyment for users.


  • Promote the event to free experience the Dynaudio XEO high-end wireless speaker, was held at the Romea Trade Center from 06/17/2017 to 30/06/2017.
  • Engage interested customers, interact with fanpage articles and events.


The high-quality audio experience from the DYNAUDIO XEO high-end speaker system is implemented in three stages:

Phase 1, JD Asia launches a series of quick review information about Hifi World product, maximizing the number of people seeking to register for that audio experience.

Phase 2 with the goal of promoting the user after registration, JD Asia proposed the launching promotion: when the customer check in at Hifi World, they will be recieved VOUCHER that purchase at ROMEA worth 100,000 VND.


Phase 3 is big promotion: when buying DYNAUDIO XEO speakers will have the opportunity to receive up to 10 MILLION at ROMEA.

JD Asia had optimal access to users who was target audience of facebook lead ads for collecting database, combined with creating content and dymanic designs to send more information about the event to customer.


Fanpage interaction increased during the campaign: Get more 100,000 impressions, more 2,500 clicks.