Grand Jeté Launching Campaign




Graphic Design

About Grand Jeté:

Grand Jeté is a brand from Singapore, serving dishes, combined style Europe and Japan. Currently, Grand Jeté has three branches: Grand Jeté Cafe & Bar, Grand Jeté Izakaya and Grand Jeté Vietnam.

Scope of work:

  • Build menu dishes are served in the restaurant
  • Namecard design
  • Design, execute Restaurant Banner and other advertising publications.
  • Consultation on communication activities on social channel: Facebook & Instagram
  • Introduce Video

Key Message: A Great Taste to Your Happiness.


JD Asia has shot images of over 30 dishes and 10 sets in one day. Designing and executing publications:

A3 Menu

Namecard Design

Drink Banner

Introduce Video

Người đăng: Grand jeté Vietnam vào Thứ tư, 3 Tháng 10, 2018