Com Xua Restaurant




Content Creation, Facebook Ads, Performance Optimization


About Com Xua:

Com Xua is a Vietnamese traditional restaurant, which serves the old dishes. It’s owned by Pham Tuan Hai Chef – Examiner of Master Chef Competition. With the passion of collecting ancient traditional values from various places on the world, he brings them to Com Xua restaurant.


  • Increasing the sales from online
  • Building brand on Facebook fanpage
  • Attracting the customer

Creative Idea:

Derived from the desire:

  • Preserving and transmitting traditional cultural values of the nation to many Vietnamese and foreigners.
  • Recreating wild rice with children, who want to experience this simple taste.
  • Bringing to the memories, the story of traditional values.

So that the customers coming to the restaurant will experience with all five senses, not just simply having dinner. In order to achieve the message that Jasmine wants to convey, JD has clearly defined the preparation work from the operating system, personnel, customer care process to media orientation right from the beginning. Initially, the message is sent to the customers and the customers feel and experience the desired message value conveyed in the most honest way.


On Social: Building contents on Facebook to give Com Xua’s message to customers. These contents follow direction on Marketing plan. The visual formats are attractive and based on brand guildline.


Design new menu

Vegetarian Menu


  • Increase the number of reached people: 50%
  • The number of like fanpage increases naturally: 3.000
  • The number of customers buying through Inbox and Comment increased steadily over the months.
  • Increase the sales: 150%