Be. Peptide Cosmetic Launching Campaign




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About Be. Peptide Cosmetic:

Be. Peptide Cosmetic is a brand built by SEA Group – a group from Korea, it has 3 main product lines: Angel Cure Lifting Mask, Aqua Cream và Be.EGF Serum. In 8/2018, this brand officially launched in Vietnam with Angel Cure Lifting Mask – Lifting pack program provides enriched EGF energy. Discover the miracle of dramatic facial lifting just in 30 minutes. Angel Cure Lifting Mask made with selected ingredient, EGF Lifted and smooth skin get skin elasticity and skin improvement program with EGF now. Pure radiance coming from the deep inside from the deep down inside. Dual-action Ample significantly reduces wrinkles and boost whitening. EGF enriched ample helps restore the signs of aging and deep lines.


  • Increases the brand awareness Be. Peptide Cosmetic in Vietnam market.
  • Educate users about Angel Cure Lifting Mask.
  • Support sales activities and become the official channel to provide information to users.

Key Message: Be. Peptide Cosmetic – Break Your Age.


JD Asia has proposed a 3 month Launching Product Plan with the message: Be. Peptide Cosmetic – Secrets of backward aging skin. Besides the thematic articles beginning of each month, the content on the fanpage also be interlaced by the push sale content, lifestyle and content updating skin care knowledge.

Topic in 11/2018

|Chuyên đề Tháng 11| MỜ SẠM – SÁNG DA👉 Ai có thể gặp vấn đề sạm da?👉 Vì sao da bị thâm sạm?👉 Đâu là cơ chế làm mờ sạm…

Người đăng: Be. Peptide Cosmetic vào Thứ tư, 31 Tháng 10, 2018


Result: Results will be updated after the end of the campaign.